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beoremoval heavy metal applied mikroorganism

Contamination of heavy metal is a real important problems to be handled. handling of heavy metal can be done by the way of kimiawi and also by the way of biological, but handling by the way of biological of a more regular is applied by doesn't generate new impact for area of as well as cheaper and easy to be done, handling biologically can be done with help of microorganism through some ways one of them is is bioremoval. mikroorganime applied by is an sianobakteria because easy to be found nature and can live at extreme area.

Contamination of heavy metal is a real important problems to be handled. This thing is because the contamination has harms area and ecosystem in general. To handle contamination of heavy metal can be done chemically, with ion exchanger resin or with absorbtion applies activated carbon, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis. But this expensive relative process and tends to generat new problems, that is accumulation of the compound in aquatic sediment and organism (Suhendrayatna, 2001).
Handling of heavy metal by using microorganism an alternative method which can be done to lessen level dinitrofenol of element of heavy metal in water territory area. Some result of studies reports that usage of microorganism to handle contamination of heavy metal is most effective is compared to chemical process because a relative easy to be done, cheap and not dangerous for area (Inthorn et al, 2002). damage area of that earns in seen from condition of the area for example lack of element of nutrient found on the area as well as heavy metal content found on the area is very height so that dangerous for other organism.
Bioremoval the be accumulation material cause of pollution or pollutant found on a water territory by microorganism which there is i it, where in the microorganism can eliminate or recovering pollutant which there in the water territory. bioremoval by using sianobakteria a more regular exploited to handle contamination of heavy metal which there is an water territory area, while which for a more regular soil ground applies mycoriza for its the handling.
First process to do this examination with microorganism sampling method in goaf area where microorganism applied is sianobakteria, because it has ability as bioakumulator as certain heavy metal, easy in finding nature and relative easy to conducted in system aquacultur and can live at impure condition. Second process is sampel sianobakteria culture by until exponential phase to apply standard medium (modified from Inthorn et al. 2002). Bioremoval test heavy metal at sianobakteria done in condensation of liquid containing stock solution of its the example heavy metal K2Cr2O7 (Chrome). Last process is heavy metal analysis that is by using method AAS ( Atomic Absorbent Spectrophotometer).
Result of research indicates that culture sianobakteria to have ability as Bioremoval heavy metal Chrome (Cr) is good, and estimated able to be aplication directly to handle contamination case of heavy metal.

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